AGC Techno Glass offers four promises to our customers, human society, our employees and the local community

Our promise to you

We will provide products and services that are both safe and easy to use.

We listen to the feedback from our customers and society and base our product manufacturing on development and production that focuses on quality and safety under the moto, “without compliance we cannot exist”.

  • We will observe all relevant laws and regulations, agreements with our customers and internal regulations to earn the trust of society.
  • We will take into consideration safety and quality in all stages of production, from product design to disposal.
  • We will promptly address feedback from our customers to implement the necessary corrective action to establish effective measures to prevent recurrence.

Our promise to the human race

We will contribute towards the realization of a sustainable society

As a supplier of electronic components to an ever-diversifying and advancing society, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  • We will make every effort to make effective use of global resources, reducing the energy used in the production of glass by constantly improving our manufacturing processes.
  • Working together with AGC and our affiliated companies, we will promote the production of products free from substances that are hazardous to the environment and the development of highly efficient and low-waste production processes.
  • We will strive to develop and supply to the world cutting edge electronic components to contribute to a future society with a low environmental footprint.

Our promise to our employees

We will create a safe and comfortable work environment

We constantly work under the motto, “Safety First” for the sake of our employees and their families. Based on our policy, “without safety there can be no production”, we are working together with our employees to create a safe and comfortable work environment.

  • We are developing activities to “raise awareness” of safety issues, including activities to “reduce risk” in pursuit of equipment safety, and safety activities undertaken by all employees where risks are pointed out to one another(known as “aishite activities”).
  • We are also working to enhance hazard and safety awareness through internal “hazard awareness training” in the hazard awareness dojo.
  • As part of measures to promote security and disaster prevention, we are implementing tangible measures, such as those that prepare for a large earthquake in the Nankai Trough and intangible measures that include disaster prevention training.

Next generation training programs and the promotion of active roles for women in the workplace

By creating a work environment that is comfortable for all of our employees, AGC Techno Glass has established the following objectives in relation to our next generation training programs and the promotion of active roles for women in the workplace to ensure that each and every one of our employees can work to their full potential.
(Plan duration: April01,2020-March31,2025)

  • We aim to maintain a rate of 100% for employees taking childcare leave before and after childbirth.
  • We will achieve 16 days or more of annual paid leave.
  • We will raise the percentage of female employees that we newly hire in a five-year period from FY2020 through FY2024 to 25% or more.

Our promise to the local community

AGC Techno Glass aims to establish itself as an organization that cares for the environment and is loved by the local community

AGC Techno Glass is implementing environmental preservation activities to prevent air pollution and the pollution of our waterways in order to protect the local environment. We have also acquired ISO 14001 accreditation and are establishing environmental goals each year as we work to enhance our environmental performance.

Green Procurement Activities
  • As part of activities to reduce energy consumption, we are also promoting activities to reduce power and fuel consumption and 3R(reduce, reuse, recycle) activities.
  • In addition to “zero emissions”, we are promoting activities that aim to reduce “landfill disposal costs” to zero.

AGC Techno Glass is also actively implementing activities to contribute to the local community

  • We have opened the baseball ground located on the company grounds to the public on holidays and from 2011 have been sponsoring the qualifying rounds for the Hainan division of the Takamado Cup, All Japan Rubber Baseball Championships, holding the “AGC Techno Glass Cup” with the aim of supporting the dreams of children in the local community.
  • As part of labour union activities, AGC Techno Glass is also participating in clean up activities along the Yoshida-cho coastline.

*You can find more information here about safety and the environment, security and disaster prevention and local community activities.

Initiatives to promote safe and secure urban development driven by local government

See below for a disaster prevention initiative undertaken by Yoshida-cho

The main plant of AGC Techno Glass is located close to the river mouth of Oi River, which flows through the center of Shizuoka Prefecture. Haibara-gun, Yoshida-cho,
where our main plant is located, is promoting “urban development to protect against tsunami” and is in the process of constructing a seawall (the section in the Kawashiriarea, where we are located is scheduled to be completed in FY2020) 11.5 m high along the Suruga Bay coastline as part of the Sea Garden project* as a “measure to protect the property of the local residents and corporate manufacturing activities”.
It is believed that by preventing the overflow of an 8.6 m high tsunami resulting from a large earthquake in the Nankai Trough, it is possible to not only save lives, but also to protect the property of local residents and corporate manufacturing activities.

*Sea Garden Project (Yoshida-chowebsite)