We are manufacturing the various lenses like Fly Eye Lens, Lens Array,
Condenser Lens mainly made of Borosilicate Glass 'CTE33', which is excellent in heat resistance and durability.
We can supply the lens shape the customers desire, for examples, spherical, aspherical,toric, etc.
We have a lot of results in delivery for the projector use.

Main applications

  • ・Fly Eye Lens, Condenser Lens, Micro Lens Array for the projector
  • ・Lens Array for the laser unit
  • ・Aspherical Lens for lighting

■ Introduction

  • We supply the lenses with high precision upon the customer's request.

■ Characteristic of our Borosilicate Glass 'CTE33'

Thermal expansion coefficient (0~300℃) 32.5X10-7㎝/℃ Density 2.23g/㎝3
We can make the lenses with other materials. Please request us.


*This is not the limitation, so, please contact us regarding the special request.

  Aspherical Single Lens Fly Eye Lens
Micro Lens Array
External Dimension ~100mm ~100mm
Height ~60mm 2mm〜
Cell Size --- 0.5mm〜
Surface Design Texturing・Clear Spherical・Toric
Back Design Flat・Spherical Flat・Spherical